Drier and Higher

The alarm clock was looming, ready to climb from its roost and crow the night’s end before the sunrise. After a night of restless dreams and awakening to distant thunder, I dared not open one eye, fearing the clock would show one minute before the alarms sounded. Then, the snooze button. Nine more minutes of sleep might do the trick. Eight and a half later, I was wide awake. Quickly through a hot shower and the day began. It would have been easy to hit the snooze a few more times, if not all day. At the very least, I was moving forward.

A professor once said, “If you arrive ten minutes early, you are on time, if you arrive on time, you are late.” There is no zero, no neutral space. If you are not a positive, you are a negative. On days like these it is more comfortable to remain stagnant, to stay where you stand. “In Situ” – in the natural or original position. Yeah, that’s me.

Without the desire to move, to improve, or to be productive, I tend to retreat to places I should never have been. I pray for strength to move a foot, one step, I can do that much. Now a second and a third. Slowly but persistently onward.

A fresh sunrise broke the horizon, signs were everywhere – ideas to pursue, Goliaths to conquer, and more potential than I claim to possess. A puddle from the previous storm lied between me and my truck door. One more reason not to go. One careful step, then another and I found drier and higher ground. Onward.

Peter felt bold enough to step out of the boat onto open waters. But after a step or two, he lost focus, succumbing to the waves. Jesus took hold and rescued him. As they climbed back into the boat, they immediately reached the shore, drier and higher ground.

On my journey, I too boldly step onto the water. The storm rages and I lose focus. I revert to my own strength, my own understanding, doggie paddling. Jesus takes my arm and lifts me once more, to higher and drier ground.

It’s easy to stand behind the fray feeling bulletproof, but in the facing the battle, my “own” strength fails. It is then Jesus takes my hand and guides forward, be it on water or drier and higher ground.

Thank you, Jesus.



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