Billow My Sails

The morning air was thick, leaning into the fog just to force a step. The oppressive heat weighed on my shoulders like a sea-farer’s rope dragging against my sails. Without a hint of a breeze, I struggled through the waves, oars straining against the relentless tides. Exhausted and overwhelmed, I cried, “Lord, I haven’t the strength to move. Please, billow my sails.”

Lifting my eyes, I found the air just as still, the waves just as hard. I continued to row, searching for not as much a trade wind, but any breeze at all to aid in my quest. Feeling no relief, I ventured further, muscles aching from the effort.

“Lord, please billow my sails.”

Drawing alongside another struggling vessel, I extended a rope to lend aid, knowing full well my strength alone would not carry them far. Despite my diminished capacity, I positioned myself between their ship and the turbulent sea, breaking waves, freeing their path. As my sails remained unfurled, they caught what little breeze there was, propelling them onward. Still, I remained deflated.

“Lord, please billow my sails.”

Once more, I encountered another ship battling the unforgiving elements, unable to find safe harbor. Seizing the steering oar, I maneuvered around them, calming the waters in my wake. As they turned toward their destination, their sails caught the wind and hastened their journey. And still, I remained deflated.

“Lord, please billow my sails.”

“Lord, where is your breath? There is more struggle than my arms can manage. I am so tired.”


My son, I have made you strong to pull an oar when the seas battle against you.

I made the tree of which the oar would be hewn, to withstand the waves you must face.

Though your moment of riding the breeze has not arrived, you continue to row, yet you do not labor alone, My Hand is always there.

If you had been at full sail on the open seas, other ships would have struggled.

What you considered an obstacle in your journey allowed others to continue theirs.

Know that your day of billowed sails will come, and you will glide on the wings of the wind.

Until then, I AM with you in stormy seas, anchoring you, or in dense fog holding you fast, until it is time.


Take heart; pull the oar.

For I will billow your sails.


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