Tune a Fish

You can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish.   REO Speedwagon

Piano keys trigger felt hammers striking metal strings. Vibrations carry through wooden sound boards to generate music. Alternating Ebony and ivory, 88 keys, strike 240 strings, each stretched and tuned to a specific note. If you need a piano tuned, you may find those specialists are few and those who adjust strings simply by a well-trained ear are few and far between, a dying art. Those who tune can hear one string out of 240 in need of a tweak. An occupational necessity but simply a nuisance when just a listener. Those who play notice as well, but slight imperfections can bring warmth to a note, my preference over computer generated samples.

Guitars with 6 strings (or my favorite, 12) tend to fall out of tune more often with wooden necks changing with the weather or extended periods of heavy play. Tuning keys are easily accessible and can be adjusted on the fly. Small electronic devices help in the process, however, when a string reaches its proper tone, a certain resonance vibrates the entire instrument, like the string knows where it needs to be.

The metaphors nearly write themselves. Our heart strings are stretched out of tune by the change in spiritual weather and sometimes by intense overuse, both good and bad. Pianos and guitars cannot be played during the tuning process, they must pause and adjust to the new strains placed on them. Jesus played His strings hard with the Mastery of a virtuoso, then retreated to quiet places to regain His strength, to re-tune His instrument. It takes Hands Mightier than mine to tighten the screws and a quiet place to hear the resonance when heartstrings return to where they belong.

“Attune” means to bring into harmony and “attune to the Spirit” is following God’s lead. I find my strings are in need of adjustment way too often. Perhaps the imperfection in my tone draws others in a similar state to the One who can bring us all into tune. Tightening strings may be a bit painful, but the finished notes will be a Majestic symphony.


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