Gathering Stones

Recovering from a week of hard roads and tough battles, a friend inquired how life was going. “Slaying Dragons.” “Don’t let my son hear that, he loves everything dragons. You can say you know one, but slay them? Nah.” Dragons, dinosaurs, superheroes; the cool stuff of being a kid (pretty cool for grown up kids too.)

Dragons were fire breathing mystical beasts of which only the bravest of warriors would face to defend whichever kingdom they held allegiance to. My best efforts in the fray merely pushed them aside to surely battle another day.

Perhaps my struggles are more akin to Goliaths, nine feet tall, insurmountable giants whose very voice causes others to cower, to hide in the shadows. Yet I face them on every front.

Then (David) took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag and, with his sling in his hand, approached the Philistine. 1 Samuel 17:40

Smooth stones from the stream. The smallest of weapons and the smallest of warriors, at least in stature. Yet, in the Hands of God, a mustard seed of faith can move mountains. River rocks, fashioned by years of passing waters to be smooth, aerodynamic, more effective. The rough edges of my faith have been chiseled by the atoning Blood of Christ and smoothed by waters of Grace. When approaching Goliaths, I must reach into that stream and gather strength for the battles ahead. When focused on Goliaths before me, my attention falters for those behind my shield. The story ended in David’s victory, yet it’s beginning is where I found comfort.

Early in the morning David left his father’s flock in the care of a shepherd. 1 Samuel 17:20

As I face each battle, those I love are in the care of THE Shepherd until Goliath’s fall and my return (and thankfully even after). In prayer and patience, I gather stones, allowing the Lord to care for my flock and guide my sling. I pray He continues to grant me the strength to step forward.

Some days facing Goliaths
Other days gathering stones.


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