I Am They

I Am They

This band found their way through the virtual jukebox that is my computer, through my headphones into my heart.

The first track that struck me was “My Feet are on the Rock”(Listen Here). A high energy praise song with great harmonies and some banjo mixed in for a little bluegrass flavor. My music plays in the background of my daily life, so I rarely stop what I’m doing to find out more. But this was one of those songs.

Digging deeper, I found “Scars”(Listen Here). A beautiful song about being thankful for what we’ve been through because it brought us closer to God. Listen to the end when they change the chorus a bit to being thankful for what Jesus went through for us. A wonderful turn of a phrase.

Reading their bio revealed that each of the band members overcame mountains of addiction, failure and not being good enough, and laid them as stones to build an altar of praise to God. When they sing about hurt and being delivered from it, it rings true because they have lived it. Anthems of our own lives.

“I Am They” flows through the veins like “Casting Crowns” and “Mercy Me” but with their own unique flavor. I look forward to hearing more from this band. I recommend that you do the same.

Find out more at www.IAmTheyBand.com

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