Gay Girl Good God by Jackie Hill Perry

I discovered Jackie Hill Perry online through a link of a link of a link. I don’t believe in circumstance, only God-instance, so I needed to find out why. Reading samples of her writing, I wanted to know the heart from which they came. The book title scared me a bit because there are so many things I do not understand and not sure I wanted to know. I had been asked my thoughts on homosexuality and sadly, I did not have a good answer, as if there is one to be had.

This book is not just about the author’s struggle with same sex attraction, it is finding her desire to love God more. A woman was offended by Jackie’s testimony so she asked, “If homosexuality was not an issue, would God be pleased with the rest of your life?” It is just not one issue to bring to Him, it is all of them. Jesus did not die on the cross to restore just part of our souls. It’s seeking God in everything. Our identity is not defined by our desires, or failures, or successes for that matter. If it were, you’re missing out on all the good stuff. Our identity is found in the image of Who in which we were created. We are children of God.

The book is a deep dive into her heart and a guided tour of her journey and journey of faith, and though the footsteps are her battles, she shines a light on a bigger picture, our own struggles with temptation, no matter what our particular weakness may be. Our God is a great God who loves us beyond what we can imagine. Even in our darkest days, He holds us close and calls us back to Him. I found pieces of my life in mirrors of hers, and strength in loving God more than what draws me away, if it were only that easy.

I hope her writing speaks to you as it did me.



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