A Warrior’s Resolve

There is a woman battling giants. As one falls in defeat, another takes up his sword and continues the fight. Reaching into her quiver, she finds her arrows all spent. Swinging an empty bow until it shatters, she fights on with broken pieces. As the giant advances, she throws rocks and sticks and whatever is within her reach. She will not surrender even to her last breath.

As she stumbled, a fellow warrior lifted her to continue the battle. The strength of two failed to slow the giant. Disappointment dampened her faith. “Did I do something wrong? Could I have prayed harder? Prayed longer?”

Jesus said, “My precious child, you know it doesn’t work like that, for I am your strength.”

“Forgive me Lord, but it doesn’t seem like enough, though I know it is and You are.”

Jesus replied, “When I faced the cross, it was not because of your strength, but because of mine, and Our Father’s. On the road, I fell under its weight. Soldiers pulled a man from the crowd to help. How could you do more?

It wasn’t because of your faith, nor the extra hour of prayer you could have or should have spent. I did it because you needed Me and I love you that much.

When you spend another long day or sleepless night, you persevere because they need you and you love them that much. I love you that much too.”

“But it’s hard and I can’t do it on my own.”

I know. Mountains only move when we push together.”

The warrior fell to her knees, but that is where she finds strength.

Disappointment sets in when we don’t see big miracles, but in looking for the forest, we fail to see the trees. Small miracles happen all around us: restful sleep if only for a short time, a phone call from a worried child, or even a sweaty hug after a hard morning’s workout.

Lord, we pray for healing, wholeness and Your abundant blessings; for strength and patience while we wait for miracles.



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