Unlike Other Tuesdays

Tuesday. Just like any other Tuesday. I climbed into my chariot for a Tuesday commute. Just like any other Tuesday. At a stop light wondering what Tuesday would hold, a truck was getting larger in my rearview mirror until I was pounded through the intersection. I had apparently steered myself onto the shoulder avoiding cross traffic. I checked to see if extremities were intact and I was still breathing, so I grabbed my glasses from the floor and stepped out. Only by the Grace of God did I and the driver behind me walk away that day, even if a bit crinkled. A few months of physical therapy and the doctor putting things back where they came from, and I put it behind me. All that remained besides a crumpled mess at a body shop, were lessons of taking more time, watching the mirrors more closely and breaking bad habits, like eating on the go and talking on the phone. It turns out all those “important” calls can wait.

It was another Tuesday. I gave my old truck a once over before they took it to wherever broken pieces go. I walked to the back of the lot and saw the truck bed had been removed, laying bare the extent of the damage. This was not any other Tuesday. The mechanic said the fact I was walking today was a miracle. It rattled me to my bones again, just like that Tuesday unlike other Tuesdays.

There was little of value left in the cab, only remnants of years past. Climbing into the new truck, the contrast in clutter cleared my eyes like fast food napkins into a trash bag. As I left the old truck and emerged in the new, life continued to flow, business persisted, and the world kept turning. There will always be another deal to make or fire to put out, but time is not renewable.

That Tuesday unlike other Tuesdays revealed the failings of a workaholic. Extra hours put food on the table, but at what cost? Family time? Prayer time? Reading, writing, creating? That Tuesday reset my focus on what truly matters.

That Tuesday unlike other Tuesdays could have been my last. I will not waste God’s gift of more Tuesdays.


If these words have been a blessing, pass them along to another who needs to hear.
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