Twelve Baskets

Stepping off a roller coaster, heart pounding, head spinning, not sure of what just happened. There are days like that. I recall my brother and I and a double coaster, something about twisted twin dragons. We rode the first, then the second, then back and forth again. And though it’s been decades, there are parts that still have not recovered. Ah, that’s more like this season.

I’ve been rattled from every side, distractions lining up to take their turn. The slightest glimmer of “something shiny”, I’m off on a tangent. It took every Godly whisper that finds its way to these pages to stay the course. Something good must be about to happen because the opposition just will not quit. A little time, a little patience and a lot of prayer, and the wind began to change, billowing my sails.

With a break in the chaos, I escaped to a corner booth. Thoughts surfaced of loved ones facing Goliaths of every size and shape. Lifting their names heavenward, Jesus took a seat at my table.

“I hear you. I always do. I’m holding them closely. But how are you?”

“I’m a bit embarrassed to even bring up the relative molehills in my path. I can wait, they need You more.”

“What, did you think I ran out of Grace? Did you use your daily allotment? It doesn’t work that way. I know “immeasurable” is a difficult concept for someone who lives by weights and measures, but trust Me, I know what abundant truly means.”

“We gathered with the 5,000 and there was only a few fish and some bread. We offered what we had, gave thanks, and broke the bread. Matthew wrote ‘They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.’ So don’t you think there is enough for you too?”

Now I was even more embarrassed.

“The point of the story was not just multiplying fish, it was that ‘all were fed’ before the baskets were gathered. You were not created just for leftovers or crumbs under a table. Your needs, large or small, are just as important as those you pray for. I love hearing your voice, every want and need. I want to be part of everything you are, everything you do.”

“Be persistent in prayer for only then will your eyes be opened to miracles. But don’t ignore yourself. There is more than enough Grace to go around. I know because it cost me dearly and I give it freely.”

Then while pondering my moments with Jesus, I narrowly escaped an accident, so I know it is true.

Grateful, with twelve baskets to spare.


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