The Return of the Man in the Hat

A while back, after meeting my wife for dinner, I noticed a man approaching me. Nicely dressed with a short brimmed hat that suited his features, framed with a chin covered in a two day old grey stubble. Having sent my wife on ahead of me and fearing this man was looking for a handout, I quickly climbed in my truck a sped away. Yet, on my journey home, I regretted my hastiness, not knowing his story. Was he there to bless me, to harm me, or was he even approaching me at all. Perhaps I would never know, until today.

I had seen him at least one other time, but I tend to frequent the same area, perhaps he does as well, and his attire makes him memorable. Yet, this day, he approached me. I had avoided him twice before and I was hoping to make it a third, but no. He told me a story about getting his mother out of the hospital and his car broke down. The auto parts store wanted $14.89 for a new radiator hose. Knowing that the hospital and auto parts store were quite a distance off, and due to my natural skepticism, his story was most likely one he had told a thousand times. But on that particular day, I had been blessed with a little extra, so I passed it along and sent him on his way. He said he could send a check to reimburse me, but I asked that he simply pass it along to the next person in need.

As I looked into his eyes, I saw a reflection of myself, nicely dressed, hiding behind gray stubble and a lowly turned brim, hoping not to show tired eyes hiding in the shadow. How often have I approached the feet of Jesus, asking for grace and forgiveness, with some sad story, without putting forth the effort of repentance that would keep me out of such situations? Too often.

Like the man in the hat, there are circumstances that leave me constantly asking for a blessing. I too am a beggar, hungering for a crust of bread. And while my well of blessings tends to run dry, thank God that His well is an eternal spring, offering an abundance of living water that nourishes our souls.

Praying that I may bless just as I have been
Blessed in Great Measure

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