Overly Blessed

A friend was responsible for a kind gesture that came our direction. It was not the surprise as much that it was well beyond what could have been expected. There was certainly appreciation, yet I was overtaken by a sense of embarrassment, a pit in my stomach because I was truly undeserving. In contemplating a proper response that showed gratitude without gushing, the word that came to mind was simply “blessed”.

Being shaken to my core, I thought about other times recently, that I had been overly blessed, yet simply accepted it out of some misplaced feeling of entitlement. But this day was a shock to my system, peeling back layers of apathy to expose my inner selfishness. This material wealth, a “pearl of great price” as it were, gave me cause to stop and consider my lack of worthiness. Just another trinket in a long line of blessings that I blindly accepted.

How much more have I taken the real “Pearl of Great Price” for granted? Not often enough has the thought of being overly blessed by my heavenly Father stopped me in my tracks, embarrassed by the great measure of His Grace. Two thousand years ago, Jesus endured betrayal, torture, nails hammered through his feet and wrists, and ultimately death as He hung on a cross. All because He knew me, and knew there would be a price to be paid for my failures. He could not bear the thought of me suffering as I deserve, so He willingly took my place.

The earthly blessings were nothing more than a blessing of clarity, a reminder of how truly blessed I am. I should strive to be grateful and more appreciative of the blessings of this life and the promise of being overly blessed in the next, at the feet of Jesus.

Sometimes blind but seeking how we truly are
Blessed in Great Measure