Still My Soul

I am one who must keep moving. If I stop to rest, my mind reminds me of all there is to do. Only when I unplug, leave the phone behind, and get to a place where 100 things cannot be done, do I retreat from my workaholic self. Even in creative times when words and melody should flow at their own gentle pace, the need for multitasking conjures thoughts of editing, publishing, and marketing these things meant to bring joy.

Recently, I have set the alarm on my phone (yes, there it is again) to buzz at the top of every hour through the workday. Taking a break from the flurry of business to read, to write, to pray and just breathe a bit. Restoring my connection with the Almighty lifts my heart and stills my soul.

In the midst of the cacophony of bright lights, loud music and water-cooler chatter, it is hard to find a peaceful place to seek the Father. God may not hear the prayer of your lips over the screams of your heart’s earthy desires or distractions. It is best to breathe His Holy Name through the chaos until a quiet place avails itself, whether that be an elevator ride (no one talks in an elevator) or in a stairway (no one chooses the stairs) or simply a pause when you climb into a hot car at the end of a long work day.

Find your space, your moment to breathe in the presence of God. Seek His counsel, pray for strength and wisdom. Block out the noise and find Jesus in the stillness of your soul.


If these words have been a blessing, pass them along to another who needs to hear. Reach out to me at and tell me your story. I would love to know where and in what way God has guided His words through my pen.



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