Running on Fumes

A flashing dashboard light is not just extra decoration; something else is wrong underneath. Starting my truck to pursue morning duties, I was met with not only a light, but an alarm: You REALLY need to refuel. I had seen the mileage countdown for a while, 104, 68, 37. But today, it said, “Range – low.” No numbers, just “low”. I’ve got plenty of time, besides, engineers design a safety factor in those numbers, right? But overconfidence has left me carrying a gas can in the past, so, no. Running on fumes, I made it to a pump and was back on my way.

I’ve been running on fumes myself lately trying to keep wolves at bay but to what end? We spend our lives chasing a dollar that’s here today and gone tomorrow, but what do the “costs” truly cost?  Cody Johnson sings about all the good things you can wait and do later, “Till You Can’t.” The light really came on.

An older gentleman (well, older than me), apologized for being a bit slow. I replied, “No problem, we all hurry too much anyway.” He said, “Time is the one thing I have a lot of.” But do we? Too many have had more than enough, then in an instant, they didn’t. And what was left to show for it? Black suits, casket flowers and Amazing Grace?

I am running on fumes and need to refuel. A quiet moment in the midst of the craziness, I thanked God for who He is, and my heart began to refill. No laundry list of wants and supposed needs, no knocking on doors needing to be opened, just being in His presence, and I’m full again, back on my way.

The breeze was a little cooler, the air a little sweeter. Children laughing at the wonder of Christmas lights and warm hugs from dear friends filled an emptiness I had ignored like my gas gauge.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

Recounting true treasure keeps me far from running on fumes.


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