Need to be Kneaded

A baker combines wet and dry ingredients forming a dough, and the kneading begins. A lifeless mound is folded and formed by strong hands yet with the gentle touch of an artist as not to damage the wonder that lies beneath. The repetitive rhythm breaks down the raw mixture forming strand of proteins, giving bread its elasticity. Yeast is activated to produce carbon dioxide which is captured by the protein strands forcing the dough to rise, making the finished product fluffy and light. Breaking of the outer crust releases an aroma of perfection, exciting the senses to yearn for a taste.

Our bodies, as well, can be a lifeless mound, muscles tight and unyielding from overwork and unending stress. By the hands of a loving husband to the feet of his precious bride, that he admittedly does not do enough, or by that same loving bride to aching shoulders, our muscles recapture some elasticity, allowing us to rise, ready to carry another heavy load, and yes, sometimes be a bit fluffy.

Our souls are likewise, bread in the making, dry ingredients of intellect, experience and of journeys long traveled, infused with the Breath of God and His Living Water. The Master’s hands mold us into the wonder of His choosing, creating pockets of healing, forgiveness, and joy, bubbling to the surface, allowing us to rise from our knees, elastic, rejuvenated and yes, sometimes still a bit fluffy. Only when our outer crust is broken do we release the aroma of God’s great love within us, exciting the senses of others to yearn for a taste.

Lord, please gather our faithlessness and failure, break down our stubbornness by Your Mighty hands, that we may absorb the leaven of Your Mercy, allowing us to rise, becoming as the true Bread of Life, Your Son Jesus,

…the Messiah, who is God over all, forever praised! Amen. Romans 9:5 – NIV


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