Into the Canyon – by Micheal Neale

A favorite pastime is rifling through bargain bins at a local thrift store, in search of books with dog-eared pages and music albums covered in dust; like an Island of Misfit Toys or track seven of an album, not the shiny, radio-ready single, but the best-written song on the record. These gems in hiding are not driven by advertising dollars or shelf placements, but lie in wait for a thirsty soul to drink them in, much like the imagery of my latest find, Into the Canyon by Micheal Neale.

Book titles and covers catch my eye and this one called to me like the great river in the novel. The stories span generations and tell of those who hear the call of rushing waters and how by touching the water, the river and the soul within are changed, never to be the same. The characters read and write in journals with wisdom as deep as the waters themselves, so much so, I find myself dog-earing and re-reading passages that soak deeply into my being.

This story leaves me yearning to seek out something greater than myself, learning to navigate greater waters with respect for the beauty and strength of things out of my control. Learning that this is the second in a series of novels sent me searching for the first, yet not content to wait for one to surface in a bargain bin. I cannot wait to read the story behind this story.





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