Sky to Sky by Amanda G. Stevensd

I prefer titles that call you to pull them off the shelf. When I read Sky to Sky was about a man who was older than his years looking for purpose, it found its way to my basket.

Settling into a beach-side lounge chair, I dove into the first few chapters. The characters seemed familiar, and story lines piqued memories, making me feel I had somehow been in this world before. When the name of a certain character and her passion for painting was mentioned, I knew I had visited their time and space.

I stopped and searched for the author, Amanda G. Stevens, discovering the book was the second in a series. I read No Less Days a few years back. Oddly enough, I found that book at the same book shop where I randomly picked this one up.

It was thrilling to reconnect with characters I had known in a previous “life” and to meet new people who shared the same inability to die and seeking their purpose for such a life.

The mystery and intrigue continued from the previous volume, not leaving a cliffhanger, but hinting there was more story to be told. There is a third installment out there and I will begin my search.



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