God in the Snow Chains


When the creative side of my brain wipes its sleepy eyes and tells the other half to put away the facts and figures for a while, I enjoy writing music, lyrics, and parables, pondering these little dewdrops of wisdom to see if there is a good lesson or simply a healthy chuckle. I recently carved out some time to start reading again, finding that there is always something to learn, even if it is only expanding my vocabulary, or finding how someone more experienced that I crafts a good story or turns a phrase.

I have begun to research new venture, perhaps just an expansion of my current journey. Yet when the excitement of the new opportunity flooded my mind like a late night TV sales pitch, I retreated to the prayer garden in my heart and asked God that if this was just a passing fancy, please open my eyes to it. I do not want to walk this way alone. His response?

My Child: “be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 NLT

While not necessarily finding myself stuck in a familiar rut, I am considering expanding the width and breadth of my comfort zone, eyeing a wider horizon. There are times when it is wise to follow another’s footsteps. In a dense fog or heavy rain, you follow the taillights of the driver in front of you to keep you centered. On a snow-covered highway, it is best to keep in the tire tracks of the one that came before you, preferably a large truck that has compacted the snow, allowing better traction for your tires. The thought of venturing out through a field of freshly drifted snow is exciting, but only if you are equipped with big tires and four-wheel drive. It is similar when our eyes focus on a new greater adventure. In our hearts, the snow tires are knowledge and the four-wheel drive is equipped through prayer. At some point, you are emboldened to get a little mud on the tires and head out onto the path less traveled. Yet even with prayer and preparation, you can find yourself buried up to the axles. That is when you remember that your toolbox includes a set of snow chains. Strapped around the tires, they create additional traction to guide you out of the sloppy mixture of snow and mud, up to firmer ground.

As we continue on our journeys, whether they be grand or simply rising with the sun to face another day, let us equip ourselves with prayer, knowledge and grateful hearts. Be willing to face the road less traveled, knowing that “God in the Snow Chains” is riding shotgun.

Be Blessed in Great Measure today


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