Echoes Intertwined – by john g. adams

A silent church awaits a heart-wrenching melody. Fingers press ivory keys, felt hammers strike metal strings, music emerges through wood and iron – in Echoes. In the same way, our prayers, whether joyful or painful, journey through flesh and bone, breath and heartbeat to the heavenly realms – in Echoes. Yet unlike mimicked sounds bouncing off castle walls, prayers return in whispers, gentle (and not so gentle) nudges and God’s unique sense of humor – in Echoes.
Music flows through my fingers as lifeblood spilling over alternating ebony and ivory, intermingling with the precious blood of Christ. Melody and harmony in tune with the Almighty. Echoes Intertwined.

A collection of parables, lessons and God whispers
Humbly penned by john g. adams




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