Cleft of His Hand

Ominous clouds gather in a gray sky above the seaside horizon. A cooler ocean wind blows signaling an upcoming winter storm. White capped waves gather strength yet gently fade at the beach as tourists gather their belongings and head for safer harbors. In the midst of impending troubled skies, the ocean’s edge undulates its soothing rhythm as coastal birds skim the water’s surface and dance in the breeze.

The workaholic in me strives to make every moment productive in business, learning or rest in preparation for more business or learning. A momentary beam of warmth breaks through the gray and draws me to the lanai to witness the symphony that is playing out in my view. Contrasting movements of dark and light, of sand and sea, of storm and calm. Closing my eyes and breathing deeply of the salty air, my mind pauses pursuit of some great truth while being part of a greater truth in the magnificent direction of Almighty hands.

Feeling minuscule in the scope of all that spans before me, my insignificance gives way to the blessing of this moment being orchestrated by God to demonstrate His greatness in tandem with His great love and awareness of me.

I cannot slow the storm nor lessen the waves; rebuke the wind nor change its direction. I can trust God to lead me to the right place at the right time and prepare me for the road ahead. The reminder of His Almighty power in the storm brings peace to my weary soul and I am grateful.

Facing the storm in the cleft of His Mighty hands.

And Blessed in Great Measure