Reflections in Yellow

Struggling through a midweek business day, my efforts appeared to return fruitless. Experience reminded me that these gray areas are cyclical. In the midst of an election season, an uneasy society and a volatile economy, forecasting short-term future is a roll of the dice. My supposed intellect tried to explain it away, but my heart disagreed with my head … again.

When differing factions compete in a tug of war, seeking to capture the banner of truth, I rely on the real Truth, the words of Jesus.

“No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.” Luke 6:43
“Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” Matthew 7:20

Am I producing good fruit? Am I furthering God’s kingdom? Do my efforts glorify Him? Business is a necessity to provide for my family and all those that rely on my job being done well. I prayed that God would reveal some balance between math-elete and musician, spreadsheets and written word.

Storm clouds gathered in a gray sky; a reflection of the state of my soul. Peering up I spotted a single bird resting on a wire while others rode the breeze overhead. Creation is singing songs to me. The radio echoed words about trusting God when mountains are not moving. I took a troubled pause to inhale. Traveling further, I realized the last three traffic lights had turned yellow as I approached the intersections, yet continued through. As the fourth changed from green, I slowed to a stop.

I had asked for clarity, yet did not listen for an answer, so it flashed in yellow. “Proceed with caution”.

Do not rush through the warning signs or you will reach a stop, either by your own decision or by another more damaging force. God may move mountains as He chooses, in an instant or thousands of years, for each is the same for Him. Jesus taught us to ask and wait for an answer, knock and watch for the door to open, trust and be patient.

Heed caution in yellow lights. Be the bird on the wire, content to rest until a cool breeze lifts you to the sky. Labor to produce good fruit and it will sprout in due season.

Slowing at yellow lights
Proceeding with caution
And Blessed in Great Measure


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