Blessings in Pieces

A mosaic at first glance is a random collection of small stones or ceramic shards, but in the hands of an artist with a greater point of view, an intricate image of beauty emerges. A stained glass window is also a mosaic, dark and light, brilliantly colored pieces of glass, arranged by the hands of a master into a stunning masterpiece.

In the midst of beautiful artwork is evidence that we too are mosaics, fashioned by the mighty hands of The Master, the Creator of all things, beauty in grandeur and in the smallest detail.

If we only focus on the our broken pieces scattered across the floor, we fail to see the people God has sent to envelop us in kindness and care, being held together by His grace, blessings in pieces that create a greater good.

Our hearts, too often stained by failures, do not allow light to shine through, either in or out. However,

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

God graciously forgives our sin and remembers them no more, though we as imperfect creatures are not as lucky. Our failures remain in memories as lessons of our stumbles and how God loves us even still. These spots in our past stain our reflection, but just as in church windows, God surrounds those pieces with radiant colors of His mercy and grace held together by His loving hands.

Passions in our lives struggle like flickering candles in an empty church, cold and lifeless. As the sun rises, God’s light shines through stained glass casting a prism of colors into the darkness of our souls, stirring embers, fanning flames, re-energizing our faith. When shadows of evening consume daylight, the love of God creates inner light, shining out in brilliant colors, guiding those who are lost to a place of comfort and care.

I pray God continues to stir our embers as He sees fit, so that we may become beacons of hope and reflections of His great love.

Be Blessed