Belief, Blessing, and Breakfast

Approaching the entrance, an elderly man in a wheelchair slowly made his way across the parking lot. At the ramp, I asked if he needed a boost and helped him inside. He ordered just coffee as he only had $1.15 on his card. I asked if he was having breakfast or just coffee. “I don’t have enough.”
“Well today you do; breakfast is on me.”
“Then I’ll just have a bean and cheese taco.”
“Is that all you want? You can order anything.”
“No, this is enough, thank you.”

I settled in at a table and was watching to see if he would join me. Then I saw him roll out the door. I have to say, my tea tasted a little sweeter, but then regret for a moment of pride set in. A coach once said, “Don’t cheer when you make a layup, you’re supposed to make layups.” Besides, it was just a taco, a couple of bucks. On the way out, the man sat under a tree. He thanked me again and said he was expecting a check in a few days. I reached into my pocket to make sure he had lunch money. Could I have done more?

Another friend was facing her own uphill climb and all we could do was pray and believe. Leaping over the molehill, she was showered with blessings (and grand-blessings). I felt like doing a jig, like I had anything to do with it (there may have been a skip, but nothing you could call a jig). When the pride monster growled, I replied, “All we did was believe. God did the rest.” But we did believe.

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22

And it was so, but we had to believe to see the unbelievable. Jesus fed 5,000 with some bread and a few fish. The people saw the unbelievable and believed, or maybe were just happy to have a meal.

This restaurant had not been in my plans, yet traffic detoured me there all so I could arrive in time to help the man and buy him breakfast. His story was a mystery before and after our encounter, but today, he had a meal. My “bread and fish” may not feed thousands, but perhaps a solitary soul. I am grateful for the opportunity with a side order of a little wisdom.

To see the unbelievable, we first must believe.


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