Entertainer of Angels

I was asked to help in a small part of a particular project. In the midst of the project, as I balanced on a ladder with a tool in each hand, I realized my “small” part had grown into the lion’s share. Not that I minded or didn’t expect it, but the absurdity struck me as funny. I heard a heavenly giggle. There I go, entertaining angels again.

The origin of the phrase “entertaining angels” is from the book of Hebrews:

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:2

Be hospitable to strangers for you may have welcomed angels without knowing it. I get that, but I’ve always enjoyed thinking the “entertaining” part was making angels laugh.

One of my favorite images of Jesus is the one commonly called “laughing Jesus”. Most of the images we have, in word or on canvas, is of a man, focused in prayer, intensely imparting wisdom, compassionate towards the sick, weeping at the death of a friend, or the agony of His own earthly death. But this image is Jesus laughing, not just a chuckle, but a hearty, belly laugh.

We don’t read much about Him laughing.

Steven Curtis Chapman wrote a song called, “This Baby” and tells of Jesus growing up as a normal kid, playing like kids do.

“There was the climbing of trees and the scraping of knees and all the fun that a boy’s supposed to have.”

He was a kid so there was laughter.

I ran across a story by Rev. Sam Trumbore about and encounter between Jesus and a young Samaritan orphan. Though he was an outcast, the eloquence of his words showed the purity of his heart. Jesus laughed at the absurdity of the crowd’s assumption that this young man was unfit or unclean because of his heritage or outward appearance.

Again, there was laughter.

He must have laughed as the children came to Him. He probably laughed at Peter when he would say something so bold, not knowing exactly what he was saying. And I’m sure He laughs when I tell Him about “my” plans.

Oh, Jesus laughs alright!

I feel Him poke me in the ribs at times when I fail to recognize a bit of irony that He placed before me. And I’m sure I make Him laugh. After all, I am created in His image, and I laugh at myself all the time.

I imagine the angels rolling their eyes at me sometimes and saying, “OK, who gets to fly with him today?”

I’m glad God has a sense of humor.

So I guess I am an entertainer of angels.

And Blessed in Great Measure.



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