Contrast in Souls

Strolling through the backyard with my sweet bride, discussing plant clippings and projects yet to be done, I glanced up to see the remnants of an old tree branch. This grand live oak provided climbing space for my father-in-law as a child and his father as well. It could have been a place to tie horses or a shady spot for Native Americans. All that remains is a stump outliving its usefulness, rotting from within – too many metaphors to admit to. Yet, to its side, was a young shoot, full of life and leaves in the afternoon sun. I appreciated the contrast and the deeper meaning that lay hidden within.

While lamenting how the ravages of time had affected us both, a new sprout appeared by way of a phone call from an old friend. A garden-side lunch table supplied an opportunity to relive deep conversations and general foolishness, discussing paths we had taken and those yet before us. Friendly dialogue challenged the where-s and why-s, leaving me with more questions than answers. A quiet drive home gave pause to peer down each separate path and consider the goals I hoped to find. Some reflection resulted in clarity of direction while obstacles of necessary patience and perseverance obscured others. With a new-found skip in my step, I forged ahead on the clearer paths and continued to climb unfamiliar mountains, relying on faith in the ONE who not only knows the mountain peaks and the green pastures beyond, but formed them in the palm of His hand, as with me. I pray I may be malleable that God would continue to mold me, contrasting who I was with who He is making me, and with others who He also longs to redeem.

Contrasting between dark and light
And Blessed in Great measure