Cat Tails and Counterweights

Orange and white, perched on a handrail with ring-tail hanging, orange eyes stare with sheer indifference until the food dish rattles. A morning “greeting” makes me wonder how comfortable that could be even as his tail kept him in perfect balance.

Arriving at work, a different kind of big yellow CAT, an excavator, uses its tail end to counterbalance the boom arm where the real work gets done. Both cases are examples of God’s great wisdom and power, brilliant in design and stabilized by physics and faith.

The feline tail is comprised of vertebrae wrapped in muscle, an extension of the spine. When a cat moves a foot, the tail shifts the opposite direction to even out the weight and if a cat falls, he can manipulate the tail to roll himself in mid-air, landing on his feet. In the same way, our faith is an extension of our spine, our strength, our support. If used properly, we can regain balance when falling. Recent good decisions were being overshadowed by the less than ideal, until a series of positive phone calls led me back out of the fog, landing on my feet instead of my backside where I probably belonged; brilliant in design and stabilized by faith.

A cat also uses his tail to communicate: straight when happy, flipping when annoyed, positioned for balance or imbalance, all viable clues if we choose to pay attention. Our “tail of faith” can communicate the Grace of God that balances our moods and our feelings; we just have to make use of the gifts God provides. Eventually, like a cat, our natural instincts will take over allowing our faith to keep us balanced and setting us back on our feet when we stumble.

I pray our instincts kick in sooner than later.
Be Blessed in Great Measure today.

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